Make Me Beautiful

This film feels manipulative and artificial:



Starting with the fact that the film finds a way to make the beast incarnation of Alex Pettyfor attractive (does he really need to be shirtless so much?).

Hollywood never seems to do high school right. If a girl is insulted by a guy in high school and has the power to make him into his worst nightmare, do we really think the worst she would do is put some cool tattoos on him, put a few scars on his face, and shave his head?

Adolescents are cruel. In real life, they would do far worse.

Look, I get it. It's a film and we still have to see Pettyfor well enough to fall in love with him, just like Robert Pattinson and Leonardo DiCaprio before him. But come on. Really?

All of that said, I sort of like that Mary-Kate Olsen is bypassing playing a character by just doing her natural weird rich white girl boho thing. But Neil Patrick Harris' line readings indicate that he might think he's in another movie from the rest of the cast.

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2 Responses to Make Me Beautiful

  1. Robyn says:

    beauty and the beast with – what? – is that vanessa hudgens? were you expecting depth?
    movies like this piss me off because the truth is you could just pick someone who is treated like crap because they are deemed unattractive anyway and no one would be able to see their beauty inside – i mean, look at how many people go through high school and college with that experience any way. movies like this make me vom in my mouth a bit because they completely deny the reality of the way the world is – plus do you know how many people had to ok this film for it to get released? and since when did CBS think it was a good idea to get into the film industry? knowing that NPH agreed to be in this hurts my soul a little bit.

  2. tigger500 says:

    I wasn’t expecting depth necessarily, but a simple commitment to the central conceit would be nice.

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