Do you think Jermaine told Young Shad that this:



…is the same thing that Kris Kross tried…



…or do you think he found the whole thing funny?

But you know, given how terrible most corporate hip-hop is right now, you'd think Bow Wow'd still be sitting pretty. Real talk – he's no more or less talented than anyone else your kids are listening to.

But then you watch videos like this and realize that he's perhaps the most strikingly unself-aware star of his generation. Kris Kross gave it up after one attempt at goin hard. Hammer went gospel (we'll ignore him takin shots at Jay-Z because you know he'd want us to).

But this is really the eighth or ninth time Bow Wow has released a song/album that tries to convince the world that he hard. And that desperation and inability to understand his place in music is what is such a turn-off. 

More than his obviously terrible mic skills.

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