Jay Elec and Roc Nation

Works for me.



Well, as long as Jigga lets Jay Electronica be the wildly inventive auteur/rapper that he's been all by his lonesome.  The last thing we need is for Jay-Z to "shape" an artist who has already created an image in the mind of the audience, an image that people like.

In my view, Jay Electronica is the artist that everyone thinks Kanye is, without all that irritating suburban boy posturing and insecurity. But as we know in America, only one type of black artist at a time, so Jigga will have to figure out how to market him. It'll just be important that Jay Electronica get to be who Jay Electronica wants to be. Jigga's instincts are sound, commercially speaking. But any hip-hop fan worth his salt will tell you that as Jay-Z became more and more popular, his music, creatively speaking, deteriorated.  That can't happen with Jay Electronica.

If there was ever an artist that a label should figure out the balance between commercial ambition and artistic ambition for, it's Jay Electronica.


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