On Angelina Jolie

Is anyone else bored with Angelina Jolie?

She’s been pimping this emotionless, never-seems-to-blink femme fatale thing for a minute now.  I’m over it.

It is almost like she knows that people don’t care what she does onscreen as long as she is onscreen looking ravishing. And she does look ravishing in this trailer. But that’s all she seems to do.

Somewhere around the time she became a humanitarian and fell in love with Brad Pitt (which – yuck – i still don’t get), Angelina Jolie lost all of her passion for the work. And she’s become about as insufferable a movie star not Tom Cruise as we have nowadays. It is nice that she gives a portion of her salary from films to humanitarian causes, but can she do the world a favor and at least pretend that her films exist to please audiences?

I don’t dispute the fact that Angelina Jolie’s one of the finest women in the world. Or that there is something to be said for being a female action star.

But she’s simply more fun to watch when she’s playing a flesh-and-blood human being.




I’m just saying.

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