Best of the Rest: Tank’s So Many Times

Tank One Man album cover Any number of songs from Tank’s three studio albums could have made this list. That’s how deep – and dope – Tank’s catalog is. It’s a crime that he’s not a bigger star. I chose So Many Times because I still think it’s one of the finest songs he’s ever sung and it’s totally a song that could have been a huge hit had it been released as a single.  Brilliant as Tank is, he hasn’t always made the best choices in singles.

The song was written by Static/Major, the greatest songwriter no one knew they knew.  This is his best song and Tank owns it.  The song is basically about sex, but the melody is so tight, so smooth that you almost don’t listen to the words.  That is until the hook comes in: “I’m horny like I’m fresh out of jail.”  Tank makes it sound like the sexy, sly come on it is, without sounding cheap or silly.  Few male singers can do that well.

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