Best of the Rest: Koffee Brown’s All Those Fancy Things

Koffee Brown's Mars | Venus album cover Superstar, now she smashed your car
Hurting you is much to easy

A perfect couplet, perfectly sung. Koffee Brown were criminally slept on. This is Vee’s solo joint, written by Lil Mo, and she runs with it. Her phrasing is spot on. The song could have been a typical angry rant, but she injects it with just the right mixture of sadness and resolute nonchalance. Note how she sings “she may be” each time.

It’s a shame Koffee Brown fizzled out so quickly.  Mars/Venus was a brilliant album and both Vee and Falonte (who went on to write some of the better songs on Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album) are major talents.

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3 Responses to Best of the Rest: Koffee Brown’s All Those Fancy Things

  1. Haylee says:

    It is a shame that this duo never made it. I found their CD the other in my closet.
    Didn’t they come out around the same time Donnell Jones finally blew up?
    Most talented artists never get the chance due to lack of promotion and commercial R&B. For example…N’Dambi, Keite Young, Kindred The Family Soul, Geno Young, Res, Amel Larrieux, Kem (I LOVE his music!), Lizz Wright, and Van Hunt…I could go on.

  2. tigger500 says:

    Yes, they did come out at about the same time. This album was 2000, I think Donell blew up around 1999.
    I love Van Hunt! Good choice

  3. Haylee says:

    Me too! I hate that he got dropped from his label though. 🙁

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