Pat Buchanan’s Latest Lament of the Minority and Women Scourge

Pat Buchanan goes at Sotomayor's credentials in a column in the latest issue of Time magazine, mostly by conflating affirmative action with stupidity (white male conservative's favorite pasttime):

That were it not for Ivy League dishonesty, Sotomayor would not have gotten into Princeton, would never have been ranked first in her class, would not have gotten into Yale Law, nor been named editor of Yale Law Review, and thus would not be a U.S. appellate court judge today or a nominee to the Supreme Court.

Ah yes, affirmative action got her through all of that. Sure – it helped her get into Princeton, but affirmative action doesn't take the tests and do the work for you.

But that isn't the kind of thing you'll likely hear from rich privileged white man who think they are under constant assault from minorities and women. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they'd say "wow, I guess test scores aren't always great predictors of how well someone does in college?"  You know, something accurate and thoughtful.  And helpful.

It never ceases to amaze me how much they really think this is their country.

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