Eddie Murphy. Fallen Off?

Simon Brew over at DenofGeek.com offers 10 tips to get Eddie Murphy back on his comedy game:

Where, though, can Eddie Murphy go next? Certainly it seems time to ditch the so-called family comedies that once helpfully lined his bank balance (Dr Dolittle, Nutty Professor), but now hammer nails into his career coffin…[I]f he keeps failing to take risks, that's what Murphy deserves.

I'm of the mind that Eddie Murphy doesn't care anymore.  I think he makes films because he's bored, because he honestly doesn't know what else to do, and most importantly, because he can.

The other thing to note is that:  Eddie Murphy has never really had great scripts.  In the 80s he was new and revelatory so folks didn't pay attention to the fact that the plots of Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours and The Golden Child were pretty damn bad.  In quality there isn't much difference between his 80s output (Coming to America, notwithstanding) and his recent input.

Except Eddie himself is so uninspired in his recent films.

Ultimately, there is only one thing Eddie should do to get his juice back:


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