Short Takes III

–So with all the hoopla surrounding Obama, transition, angry lefties, and where the hell will Tyler be on January 20, I missed the news that the United Nations has been working on a treaty to decriminalize homosexuality.  They will probably vote on it tomorrow, which is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Thirty-six countries – which includes nearly all of Europe and Canada, among others – support the declaration. Read this Guardian opinion piece which puts some context and history on this issue.  Most notable - anti-gay laws in Africa and Asia were imposed by colonial and imperial powers when they were runnin thangs.  Wow.  This treaty is really huge.

–A new study shows how social status affects people's perception of someone's race.  It's clear from this article that there's a feeling from the researchers and other folks that race can be transcended by economic mobility, or at least an initial perception to one's race might be different that "reality, but Professor Robert T. Carter correctly states in a Los Angeles Times piece:

"It's not social status that shapes race, it's race that shapes social status," he said. "Stratification on the basis of racial group membership has been an integral part of our society since prior to the inception of the United States. It's been true for hundreds of years."

–Grammys were announced.  No real black people of consequence were nominated, as per usual.  White folks latest favorite black buffoon, Lil Wayne, got the most nominations. Big surprise.  You'd think that in a year when you elect Barack you might give the nods to Nas for his brilliant treatise on American and black identity.  Guess only one smart black person on top at a time, huh?

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  1. It might interest you to know that Turkey abolished anti-homosexuality laws (IIRC) back around 1870

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