Heroes! Episode 11

Elle is dead. 


With that stupid turn of events out of the way, Episode 11 folks.

This was an okay episode.  Just further established the sides of the battle. 

We got to see that Peter is still a wimp (when will he be Future badass Peter?), Sylar is still a killer, Noah and Claire really love each other, and everyone else is more or less inconsequential.

First of all, the death of Arthur Petrelli didn't have any of the resonance it should have had.  Sylar should be a Petrelli. Why? Because it deepens the show's emotional arcs. 

The revelation that Arthur (and Angela Petrelli to a lesser extent) has been lying about Sylar being a Petrelli was lame.  Lame as hell.  There was so much potential there for the family with this development.  Early in the season we were treated to some of that with Future Sylar and Future Peter and any scene with Angela and Sylar.

Now – Sylar is basically the same guy he was in Season One.  I don't know that this is useful, but we'll see.

It was nice to see Chad Faust from The 4400.

Oh and in case you forgot…booo on the killing of Kristin Bell.

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