Heroes! Episode 5


 Here we are.  Episode 5.  Right around the time television shows settle into their run.

Same is true here, where the elements that have worked well for the first 4 episodes continue to do so and those that don't, well…don't.

The Good?

  • Everything having to do with the Petrellis.
  • The deepening mythology across the board, but particularly around the "mysterious" formula.
  • It seems that Matt Parkman is going to be a big part of this season.  I'm intrigued.
  • Adam Monroe is back.  So is Parkman's dad (in a really cool reveal I should have seen coming, but didn't).  Oh and yet another Petrelli (in a really cool reveal I saw coming in last week's preview of this episode).

The Not So Good?

  • No Kristen Bell. (seriously, what the fuck is this?  Daphne is just no match for the effortless cool of Veronica Mars, folks)
  • The whole Claire-Bubbs-HRG-Sylar subplot (boo.just.boo).
  • It seems Tracy was just a fuck you to the viewers, because she's basically Niki now.  As a fan of Niki, they should have just kept that character.  This backdoor way of keeping Niki around is kind of irritating.
  • Mohinder is lame as hell!
  • And on that note, it's time to get rid of the last wonder twin.  She serves absolutely no purpose.  Can she go away and we get DL back?  Thanks! 

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