Best of the Rest: Ginuwine’s Glaze in My Eye

Back II Da Basics album cover Somehow, as successful as Ginuwine has been over the last decade or so, he is arguably the most underrated black pop artist of his generation, constantly forgotten in the mad dash to chronicle the ups and downs of Usher and R. Kelly.

This song from his Back II Da Basics album is proof that when folks aren’t looking, Ginuwine makes some of the best music out there.  This track should have been a single.  Built around a snare-driven rhythm section and one of the finest melodies G has yet worked with, it works entirely because of G’s affecting, vulnerable vocal.

He’s hinted at this kind of quality singing on his debut (World is So Cold and Only When Ur Lonely) and throughout much of his criminally underrated The Life album, but Glaze in My Eye is the culmination of years of good singing opening up into great singing.  This song alone makes the case that Ginuwine is now a first-rate vocalist.

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