Best of the Rest: Adina Howard’s Buttnaked

The Second Coming album cover This was a no-brainer. Adina’s catalog is much deeper than folks think, but there is nothing like Buttnaked in it. And for that reason, I had to include it.

Buttnaked is, hands down, one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard.  Musically,the song is a murmur. Here Adina sings in a slightly lower register, which beautifully captures that calm, languid feeling right before (or right after) sex. Functioning as an internal monologue, the song’s structure is all stream of consciousness.  It’s intensity then lies in the changes before the hook, not the hook itself.  It evokes the sense that the more Adina looks at him, the more turned on she gets.

Men are too infrequently the object of the gaze, especially in music.  Here we are treated to exactly what looking at us can do.  If you think the song is about sex, you miss the point though.  There’s as much love in the lyrics as there is sex.  To divorce one from the other here is to do real disservice to a beautifully written and expertly performed piece of music.

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  1. C says:

    I had never heard this and I actually kind of love it.

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