Heroes! Episode 6

Petrelli men 

At this point, the show is dominated by the effortless cool of the Petrelli family.  Part of this is that the mythology continues to (rightly) revolve around them, the other part of it is that they are casting the Petrelli roles stupid well.

Robert Forster is an inspired choice for Daddy Petrelli.

That said, this episode moved a bit too slowly for my tastes.

I'm beginning to be weary of Claire's "I wanna be a hero" schtick. 

I also just am not happy with Mohinder's turn this season at all.  I just don't think the writers have earned this shift at all.  It still feels abrupt and out of character.  I buy that he might be envious. I do.  I just don't think they showed him this way enough in the first two seasons to merit him injecting himself with the formula in the first 20 mins of Season Three's first episode.  Just felt too fast.  Unearned.  And they just aren't moving quickly enough now that he has become such a meany.

Comparatively – it makes so much sense to me that Peter could straddle the line between hero and villain since Sylar has always been his mirror and he was, for all intents and purposes, the baddie in Season One (albeit unwittingly).  I can also see why Claire might become Future Claire and why Ando might end up killing Hiro.  Those personalities and character dynamics were set up from the very beginning.

Mohinder has none of this.  As such, he sucks this year.

Also – I'm getting really pissed about this whole no Kristin Bell thing.  Elle kinda rocks hard.  They need to bring her back and stop fuckin around.  Daphne is just not a cool enough replacement.  Her energy is a bit off-putting (though, admittedly, she does work well off Masi and James).

The final moments of Episode 6 though set us up for what promises to be a killer Episode 7 next week.

Stay tuned…

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