Obama and the Challenge of the General Election

I suppose I should say that I’m shocked or saddened by stuff like this.

But I’m not.

I am a black man living in America.  I know better.

What is interesting to me is the wide array of manifestations of racism in this clip.  There’s the woman who is so racist but perhaps can’t admit it…so “leave it at that.”  There is the old woman who flat out says she ain’t feelin a black president.  And then there are the folks who are so transparently racist that they are rendered inarticulate and grasp for the “inexperienced card.”

This, people, is how racism works at its core.

Decent enough people who have no earthly reason for what they believe other than a deep sense that there is just something inferior about black folks (and superior about white folks).  There is no hate here. Racism is not about hatred, not really..  It’s about a fundamental belief acted out through myriad avenues that other races are inferior.  They may not hate black people, but they don’t trust ’em to be president.  The sooner we as a nation (and especially black folks) realize this, the better off we will be.

I’m not a party loyalist, but it is saying something about Democrats when a war-mongering septuagenarian from the other party looks like the better candidate.

To say that the general election is a challenge is really an understatement.  But I’ll say it because the challenges that Obama has met and overcome this past year inure us somewhat from how tough a race I think this really is.  And that’s okay.  We should hope. We should believe in the impossible.  O gets me there, he does.  But that lil Malcolm in the back of my head gets louder at times like this.

Beware, be wary, and be aware.

On a happier note…Shanice has done the official Obama tribute song.  It’s cheesy.  It’s maudlin.  It’s sweeping and overblown.  And I love it.  Mostly because I loves me some Shanice.  Don’t hate!

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2 Responses to Obama and the Challenge of the General Election

  1. Carmen D. says:

    Yes this is a shining, aching example of how racism “works.” Great post.

  2. Damn you man…LOL – this is not something I wanted to see first thing on a Monday morning. But, it’s the truth – so thanks for putting it up. I’m so saddened by this whole W. Virgina issue and the people who said they wouldn’t vote for Obama really had no real reasons why they wouldn’t vote. I hope they sit out and don’t vote – and let the people who understand what the real issues are and who are ready for a chance and who have a premise for voting stand up and do the dayum thang!

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