Hot New Videos II

So a couple more videos have hit the net that I think are good for one reason or another. Check em out:

Michelle Williams – We Break The Dawn

I’m a little mad at this video and the song because I have a feeling that Michelle will have the career that Kelly has been struggling to have. She just seems so much more comfortable in the spotlight than Kelly. I wanna hate because y’all know that Kelly is wifee, but damn Michelle is doin her thang. And let’s talk for a minute about how this choreography is so much better than that bullshit tired-ass all in one place hip-hop boredom that Janet has been pimping since All For You. Notice how the dancers move around. Notice how they interact with one another. Notice how the dancing actually looks like the loose joyous kind of movement that one would do over a song about “breakin the dawn”. This, ladies and gentleman, is how to run a video! Let’s hope Janet wakes up from this 7-year stupor and remembers that she used to define this shit! Michelle, ma…good look!

Burntface – Fly Away

So I know nothing about this group, Burntface, other than the fact that they are a collective from Ethiopia. I just dig the song a lot and the video is such a mid-90’s throwback, very reminiscent of the kinetic visual tricks that Busta used to do when he was the illest video artist in hip-hop.  Check Burntface’s Myspace page.

Rahsaan Patterson – Feels Good

It’s actually nice to see Rahsaan do videos again. This one is just nice and simple and really allows the song to be front and center. It too has that summery laidback feel that I’m really into right now. Enjoy!

Algebra – Run and Hide

I’m just gettin into Algebra. As far as the video though, I like the bootleg Robert Palmer girls and the split screens. That’s about it.  It’s remarkable for how unremarkable it is.  I find that I remember the video and the feel of it more so than any of these videos.  Strange. 

Usher – Movin Mountains (live)

Technically, not a video.  I know.  Follow me though…

What I like about this video is that it shows what makes Usher the premier artist of his generation (rivaled only by Aaliyah and Brandy but that’s another blog for another time, kids).  This is just pure showmanship, a gorgeous vocal (the backgrounds are nice too, despite some mic issues) and, most importantly, the ability to reinterpret a song for a live context.  This is too often forgotten in the mad dash to ensure that everyone in the audience can just sing along.  I don’t know if Here I Stand will be as good as it should be, but this song is the latest in a long line of perfect Usher mid-tempos.

Hot New Videos I

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5 Responses to Hot New Videos II

  1. Great videos – thanks for posting.

  2. C says:

    When I watched that Michelle video I had the same though – oh man, this is what Kelly wanted to do but couldn’t quite make happen. And she looks fierece.

  3. im a soul man says:

    Algebra is hot. Thats talent.

  4. Elspeth says:

    People should read this.

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