‘The Game’: Season 5 Episode 10 Review

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So Melanie and Tasha have reconciled. Bout damn time.

I can't even articulate how much this storyline has done damage to Melanie and Tasha Mack as characters. I am not against shows taking characters through really bad times or even showing their worst qualities. In fact, much of Girlfriends' power came from how awful Joan, Toni, Lynn and Maya could be to each other.  But the characters on that show grew and changed over time in a way that the writers of The Game seem unwilling to allow for its characters.

So it was promising that in the course of reconciliation both Tasha and Melanie articulated real truths about each other. It was even more promising to hear Melanie acknowledge that she didn't even bother to apologize to Tasha and to know from Tasha that this fact was what really hurt. It was really critical, given how nasty this fight really was, for both women to really own up to their feelings.

And now of course the show can regain some of its power by having the core actors interacting again. It is still not a good thing that so many things happen separately for the characters.


Other thoughts:

  • I really hope the Tasha has an escort story is over. I don't think the show needs to continue to humiliate Tasha this way. It serves no purpose.
  • The Malik story wasn't funny or moving. I still don't know who Jenna is as a character so Malik running to her when he can't get it up didn't resonate at all.  It would really help if they spent time developing this relationship instead of telling us all the time that Jenna matters so much to Malik.
  • Coby Bell had basically two scenes and he was reliably hilarious. Love that dude.
  • I did kind like Tasha's little throwaway line about wanting to "workshop these heckles" with Malik. That was kinda funny.


What did y'all think?

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3 Responses to ‘The Game’: Season 5 Episode 10 Review

  1. ladeeque@aim.com says:

    Does the Game suck that bad that you have stopped writing reviews now??

  2. Busy Bea says:

    I hope that you are still watching and reviewing the show; I am curious what you think about last week’s. I always come here after watching an episode to read what you have to say; I generally agree with your thoughts and find your reviews intelligent and real.

  3. starry118 says:

    I don’t blame you for not reviewing…I’d stopped watching, myself, but watched this week’s because there was nothing else on, and I had Jason withdrawal. Per usual, his parts were hilarious, and the ghetto norm has continued 😛 I was only able to stomach it because of Jason, Malik & Derwin. Btw, I wish they’d made Kelly Jason’s co-anchor, somehow, because his current one isn’t interesting. I hope Jason gets a spin-off, because, I don’t really enjoy this show anymore. I thought better of the Akils prior to the last two seasons of this show. How they could allow the writing/characterization to continue in this vein…I’m disappointed. : ( As a fan of the show during it’s CW days, I was so eager for the show to come back, and was so excited when it did. At that time, it seemed to be a victory- given what they’ve done with it since, I almost wish they’d just left us with the memories… 🙁

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