Latif – ‘One Kiss”

Latif returns after nearly a decade of false starts, mixtapes, and songwriting for other artists.



I like everything about this, even the black and white video. “One Kiss” has a very simple charm that we really don’t hear from anyone other than Ne-Yo really. You almost forget that R&B singers used to sometimes seduce with a bit more restraint. Given some of the overly sexual nature of most of Latif’s mixtape material, this is a nice change of pace for him.

Hopefully that will be enough will break Latif to a wider market. He deserves it. I always thought he was unjustly overlooked after his debut album, Love in the First, failed to kick start his career in 2003. It was a very strong album, stronger than most of the albums by the new jacks that followed in his wake.

He had that one joint on that album that I still play pretty regularly.


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