My Own Hurt Tape

Sister Toldja, one of my favorite writers, wrote a post today in which she lists five songs that are her essential heartbreak songs.  It’s a very good list.

I wanted to do my own little list because though I’m sorta known for my adulation of singledom, my disdain for marriage (eff gay marriage, we should just abolish ALL marriage), and my general frustration with how we make love and relationships harder than they really need to be, my favorite kind of song is actually the sad love song. My mother says it’s because I have an old soul.  I like to think it’s because I just love the blues.

Either way, here are seven of my essential heartbreak songs after the jump.



Anthony Hamilton, I’m A Mess

I’ve written about this song before, but I love this song because it captures that “punch to the gut” feeling that you have in the immediate aftermath of a breakup.


En Vogue – Sad But True

The finest song En Vogue ever recorded, it slays me every single time. Particularly the way Maxine Jones – the group’s most versatile (and thus often overlooked) singer – anchors every moment of the song with devastatingly palpable sadness.


George Michael – One More Try

Confession: This song made me cry when I first heard it as a child. Still gets me too.


Vivian Green – No Sittin By The Phone

Vivian nails everything here, but it’s her achingly perfect lead vocal that just breaks your heart.


Jaguar Wright – Do Your Worst

Few people can do what Jaguar Wright does – find the pain that undergirds the anger. You never forget that she’s angry here, but what you really are left with is how broken she is.


Rahsaan Patterson – Tears Ago

Without question the finest male singer of his generation, Rahsaan Patterson can be so achingly vulnerable on record in a way that we don’t often get from male singers. This is the finest showcase of that ability.


Joi – It’s Over

In a word: blues.


That’s it. What y’all think?

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  1. Flashynista says:

    Jaguar Wright is so slept on it isn’t funny!!

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