…and You Missed One

So I was shocked that Brent Hartinger did a list of "Ten of the Most Romantic Gay Moments in Entertainment" over at AfterElton and didn't include the kiss from Trick.



Trick is, for me, the most romantic gay film ever made*. Ostensibly, it's about two men who spend the night trying to find a place to fuck, but it turns into so very much more.

The film does a superb job of building both characters – played magnificently by John Paul Pitoc and Christian Campbell – so fully that you get heavily invested in their carnal desire, and later, in their burgeoning romance. There is nothing cloying, or manipulative, or insincere about Trick. And that only makes the kiss – their first – more erotically charged and romantic than perhaps any other gay kiss in film.

And it slays me every single time I watch it..


*Rivaled only by Beautiful Thing, which made Hartinger's list.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Just wanted to let JP Pitoc fans know of his latest project:


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