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The great Alyssa Rosenberg on why Catwoman is the perfect villain for the third Nolan Batman film, which is expected to begin shooting in April:

We've had the rise to responsibility. We've had the abuse of power (which I think worked because it was broadly topical, and an example of an abuse of power that the no presidential administration had tried). We need to return to Wayne's interior self.

I think this is right.  Batman has always been animated by a belief that vigilanteism is a necessary evil to combat a modern world where the rule of law is easily corruptible.  There's an inherent conflict there – fighting evil with evil.  One that is at the heart of what Nolan's Batman films have been about, and the main reason why they've become the definitive Batman stories on film. 

We need the final film in the trilogy* to force Bruce Wayne to come to terms with his decision to create Batman. Nolan has been doing a great job exploring this theme over the course of two films but it's time to move inward.  We last left Batman essentially allowing Gotham to see him for what he is – a dangerous man with too much power.  Why not introduce the woman with too much power who might truly make Batman into the very thing Gotham is terrified he might be?

This of course makes Catwoman more dangerous to Batman himself than any other villain in his rogues gallery, even Joker.  And thus, the next logical choice for a villain.  Joker and Batman may be two sides of the same coin, but Catwoman is Batman's reflection in the mirror.  That would be a fascinating film to watch unfold.**

I sort of see Nolan's Batman and Catwoman as Buffy and Faith (respectively).  Drop the needle at 3:20.



Y'all see what I mean.

*…and it should be a trilogy that ends with this film.  Any future films should explore a different Batman world, a la the Spider-man reboot.

**Casting Catwoman is critical.  I don't have any strong feelings about this other than to say that the role should be played by a woman – not a girl – who would probably need to be an unknown.  I have real problems with comic book characters being played by movie stars, who by definition sell a persona they have developed not any character they happen to be playing.  All that said, I have no doubt Nolan can find the right woman for the part.

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