Puff and Dirty Money: Do. Not. Want.

Puffy and his new crazy:

I'm endlessly fascinated (one might even say, perpetually annoyed) by Puff's resilience in the music game.

Seriously – who in their right mind thinks Puff is the man who will launch a career? He hasn't launched anyone since Biggie in 1994!!

Every other career he has touched has imploded. Only a man like Puffy could ruin a talent like Faith Evans. Only a man like Puffy would try to unleash a Big copy on the public with a straight face. Only a man like Puffy would put together a group of 8 random ass moderately talented people, make them fetch him some cheesecake, and then expect people (even kids) to take them seriously.

I actually think Puff succeeds (and I use the word "succeed" loosely) because his audience is young enough not to know anything about his career. He's just always been there and, for that reason, they foolishly assume that his omnipresence means he also is good at what he does.

Yea, not so much.

Soul II Soul, Puff? Really. As talented as Dawn is, she ain't no Caron Wheeler, bruh.

Speaking of, Dawn Richard is gorgeous and extremely talented and lord, buddha and nem know I wanna hear more from her. But watching her in this video, one can only get the impression that she is either the dumbest person on the planet or so desperate to be famous that she can't help but follow this path to inevitable destruction.

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