Best of the Rest: TLC’s Take Our Time

TLC CrazySexyCool album cover There really isn’t much one can say about how dynamite TLC was or how great their single choices were. They may be the greatest contemporary example of a perfect marriage of commercial and creative impulses.

That said, Chilli never quite got enough credit, in my opinion, for her emotive skills.  Her voice is a sweet, surprisingly powerful marvel that wraps itself around the emotion of every lyric.  This was often used on the bridge of TLC’s best material.  But Take Our Time is the first time she gets to be the sole lead voice on a TLC song and she runs with it.  Her phrasing is flawless and she has never sounded as sexy, before or since.  Though she went on to sing more solo lead stuff in the group, this song remains her finest lead vocal contribution to TLC and it should have been a single.

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  1. SH says:

    Agreed! This is the jam! A real slow burner.

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