Best of the Rest: Michel’le’s Wasted My Tyme

Michel'le Hung Jury album cover
Michel’le is one of the great forgotten singers of the New Jack Swing era.  Her Anita Baker meets Cherrelle style immediately sounded dated when her second album, Hung Jury, appeared in 1998 after having been shelved for a few years.  It’s a pity because if you get past the fact that it does sound like a throwback to a bygone era, you get to enjoy a first-rate vocalist exercising a lot of pain (she dated both Suge and Dre) and making some terrific music.

Everyone remembers Michel’le for her beautiful ballad, Something In My Heart, from her debut album. Wasted My Tyme is more reminiscent of her other work, Nicety and No More Lies, but is a much more tightly structured work.  The track definitely knocks (with a sample from Public Enemy, that’s no surprise), but the melody drives the song.  You immediately start singing along.

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