There is a god…

..or somebody up there because Kelly Rowland has finally officially bout damn time fired Matthew Knowles as her manager!


It’s safe to say that this news is the best news I’ve heard about popular music since the implosion of Danity Kane ever.  Folks should know I stans for Kelly Rowland, who I still argue is the finest, most talented young woman in the game.

Exhibit A:

Kelly Rowland/my wifee

Exhibit B:



And yes I stans for her knowing full well she hasn’t come close to reaching her potential.

Kelly – time to call Raphael Saadiq, DJ Premier and Mike City to remake you as a R&B soul siren.  Run, don’t walk.

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2 Responses to There is a god…

  1. Trey jones says:

    Man…You have been crushin on girl for a minute! I still remember that day in Role Models summer camp, when you just forgot all the kids were around and went off on your “Kelly Rowland is the finest piece of sexy chocolate ass”…paraphrasing of course, but the look on your face when you remembered where you were?
    it is good news that she got rid of Knowles though. With him doing Solange and B’s career, you know he was showing little to no attention to Kelly anyway.

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