Missing the 90’s something AWFUL

702, Get It Together

Seriously – I thought these girls were gonna be major when they came out. They shoulda been. Life is cruel and unusual, ain't it?

Aaliyah with Diane Warren on piano, The One I Gave My Heart To

Man – I can't tell you how much I miss this woman. I don't normally like Diane Warren songs, but Aaliyah wisely undersings it on record. Here it's rearranged to show just how strong and beautiful Aaliyah's voice really is.

Brandy, Almost Doesn't Count

This is my absolute favorite Brandy song. The control she shows here is amazing. And the emotion of this song is just so clear here.  Brandy just doesn't sing like this much anymore.

Silk, Lose Control

Probably their greatest song. This is a beautiful rendition, with Gary unleashing all the fire and brilliance that he has.

Shai, Comforter

The video quality sucks, but marvel at how perfect the harmonies are. These fellas never ever ever faltered. Then marvel at the gorgeous tone of Garfield. It's full and expressive. Damn – I miss Shai so much.

Jon B, Pretty Girl

I love Jon B and this sped-up version of Pretty Girl is terrific. It actually lets him SING in a way he really hasn't before. Nice!

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One Response to Missing the 90’s something AWFUL

  1. Hello there! {waves}
    Thanks for sharing these videos!
    I am not familiar with any of these artists!
    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!
    Happy New Year!

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