On Rahm Emanuel…

Rahm Emanuel

Meet Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama's (YAY!) new chief of staff (possibly).

UPDATE: (1pm): Rahm acccepts the gig.

I've been reading up on him tryna get a sense of who he is.  All I knew about him prior to this was that he was tough and kind of an asshole.

A few interesting things Tyler has learned today:

  • Rahm's a ballet dancer, y'all.  That's kinda gangsta.
  • He was the inspiration for Josh Lyman on The West Wing.  Intriguing, I preferred Toby.
  • His brother, Ari, was the inspiration for Ari Gold of Entourage.  Eh, Piven's role and performance are grossly overrated.  I'm all about Kevin Dillon's total commitment to loser Drama.
  • He orchestrated the big Dem win in 2006. Sweet!
  • The left wing of the Democratic Party kinda hates him.  As a lefty guy, this gives me pause.
  • He's a Clintonista, who smacked Bill down for his behavior during the primaries.  That's real gangsta.

I don't know about this choice.  On the one hand – bringing Chicago style politics to Washington doesn't seem to me, on the face of it, to be the kind of change that brings the nation together.  On the other hand – it's looks like Rahm is the only cat who can keep the Dems in line and lord and buddha and nem know that this will be essential to Obama's success.

Stay tuned…

Learn about Rahm Emanuel:
Huffington Post's Rahm page
2005 Rolling Stone profile
2006 CNN profile

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3 Responses to On Rahm Emanuel…

  1. Obama needs niggaz who know how to fight. He’s close enough.

  2. let me be a little less vulgar. He knows how to hold to liberal ideals and get stuff done with the other party. Rahmn can do that.
    And the brother didn’t even take a week before he laced up his economic team!

  3. Tyler says:

    True true. It’s kinda fly

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