Biggie Biggie Biggie…

I was never a fan of Biggie (yes, since before the East Coast-West Coast media war).  I saw him at the Tunnel as a kid in NY right around the time Juicy dropped.  He was slovenly, rude, and could barely make it through his performance.  I was totally turned off.  I could never quite shake that image of him even as his legend and influence grew.  He always seemed like that Tunnel guy.  As an adult, I have an appreciation for his artistry even though I enjoy so very little of it.

But watching this trailer reminds me of my feeling that Hollywood is incapable of rendering any rapper’s life realistically and artfully.  I think this has to do with their perception that black men are contradictions, instead of complex human beings.  That perception always leads to oversimplification.

This film probably focuses a lot on Big’s war with Pac instead of the relationship between Big and Puff.  Or between Big and Faith and Kim (ugh, even Charli, if you wanna be a completist).

That said, this trailer convinces me that Derek Luke gives the performance of a lifetime as Puffy.  It shows very little of Anthony Mackie as Tupac, but the few scenes here are glaringly false and artificial.

Which brings me to my real question:

Where is the film about ‘Pac? 


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