At the Risk of Seeming Partisan…

From my new obsession,

The Democrats are now favored to take over eight seats from the Republicans: Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina, Oregon, and Minnesota. If the Democrats win all eight of those races, they will only need one more to achieve 60 seats, and they have good opportunities in Georgia, Mississippi and Kentucky.

Before you crazy liberals get excited.  Think back to 2006.  You think Pelosi was bad? 

Imagine how much inaction will happen in the Senate with a Democratic majority. 

To steal from Bill Maher: "Oh I kid the Democrats!"

Seriously though, this is encouraging.  We don't hear enough about the Senate races what with Barack and McCain and Palin dominating every news cycle.  I would never have thought we get close to 60 in the Senate.

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