Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Gotta tell you:

I've been slogging through the Sunday morning shows this morning…and good God, Buddha and nem, what a bunch of crap!

Chris Matthews and his manic blowhard schtick.  Fox News Sunday with Juan Williams who manages to look like the dumbest pundit alive week after week.

And all the whining about the media not getting access to Sarah Palin.  Who gives a shit!  If you don't know by now, media, that John McCain is playing to win, that Palin is a cynical, political choice, that McCain is gonna run on smoke and mirrors right up until Election Day, turn in your press badges. 

Sheesh.  Find a new story.

Joe Biden on Meet The Press, though?


Dude was spot on.

So good and smart it literally woke me out of the boredom of watching D.C. and N.Y. media hacks and pundits all morning long.

His answers on Palin were respectful and tough.  His assessment of Iraq and the "surge" made perfect sense to me.  And most notably – his views on abortion, when life starts, and all that were the kind of answers you just never hear from politicians (from either party) enough.

I gotta tell you as a fairly independent guy who pretty much can't stand the bullshit of the Republicans and the gross ineptitude of the Democrats, Joe Biden looks more and more like the right choice for Obama.

What I've always liked about Obama is that he respects the voters (some would say too much) and he tells them what he really thinks (mostly, since race and gender still suck for him politically).  Biden's answer on abortion is right in line with that.

That Obama cool is rubbin off beautifully.

If I wasn't on board before, I'd definitely be getting on board now. 

Too bad folks don't really watch Sunday morning shows.

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  1. You know – I’ve NEVER seen meet the press…i know, i know – don’t kill me. I’ve just never seen the show – lol.

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