short takes, part deux

I'm amused watching all these media pundits try to figure out why McCain got a bigger convention "bump" in the polls.  How 'bout he nominated a pretty young woman who is smart for his base, he had lower expectations going in to the Republican convention, and he went second in the battle of the conventions.  Americans have short memories, folks.  That simple.  Here's an interesting view on the other side though.

Whoa.  Jackie Taylor is a priest in real life.  How crazy is that?  Not crazy enough to get me to keep watching the shitty 90210 reboot. Sorry.

In other 90210 news, why am I not surprised that John Conner is a total bore on FOX's Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, yet faily surprised with badass Brian Austin Green (formerly the corniest white boy this side of Vanilla Ice)?


Brian as badass


The Los Angeles Times published a piece on a so-called R&B renaissance it calls "retro-futurism."  I love it when white folks try to name black music.  In this article, the Times pulls together a random assortment of artists from Ne-Yo to T-Pain and tries to codify the elements of their music.  This kind of thing would be amusing if it weren't given legitimacy by being in one of the biggest newspapers in the world.  As happened with the term "neo-soul," "retro-futurism" will have a shelf life half as long as the no-talents to which it has been applied (Ne-Yo being the exception, methinks).

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