Angry Clintonistas

Seeing shit like this reminds me of how appeals to whiteness and fear and prejudice destroyed a fruitful solidarity between White women and Black folks in the 19th century.

Watching this video is an experience of many emotions, not the least of which is incredulity.  It's amazing how selfish and irrational White women can be when they don't get their way.  I see it on a smaller scale all the time, at work, in the grocery store, the train, in line for coffee. 

But this is different.  This is a teachable moment, peoples of color.  Remember it well

This is the face of White people consolidating power.

It's a wild-eyed (peep the Ann Coulter doppleganger) and anger and paranoia that would be funny if it weren't so powerful. If it didn't have the potential to destroy so many lives. 

Okay – that's probably a bit histrionic too.  Let's say "deeply impact."

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