Dirt Off Your Shoulder: Obama is GANGSTA!

Drop the needle at 2:20.

I don’t use the term "gangsta" all that often, but I do like how Obama does lil drive-bys of blackness on folks.  It’s real slick.  He gets you with all the "hope" and fancy legal jargon and the killer smile.  And then out of nowhere.  BAM!  He just gets real black.  Real hood, if you will.  LOL.  It’s very subversive and compelling.  It’s like the signals to the underground railroad that only the other slaves understood…right in front of massa.   

It’s moments like this that I really believe he’s smarter than even we know.  It is moments like this that let me know that if you have to play the game (and I’m loathe to concede that even now), play it like O, man. It’s a "wink wink, nod nod" to the black folks who are watching for clues that he won’t sell us down the river. 

If ever there are doubts about whether Obama should be our candidate, it’s moments like this that should dispel them doubts quick.

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  1. Agreed- definitely gangsta & hood – lol.

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