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Lupe Fiasco and the Radical Messiness of Black Male Feeling

My thoughts on Lupe Fiasco’s MTV interview where he breaks down into tears.
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Tribute to E. Lynn Harris

My tribute to E. Lynn Harris.
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on being a black woman…

A friend of mine sent me a really interesting email a few months ago that reminded me of how fundamentally different it is to be a black woman.  I found this while I was cleaning out my email box.  I … Continue reading

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On Integrity; or You Don’t Know Nearly as Much as You Think You Do.

For the past month or so, I’ve been in a self-imposed exile from any kind of real intense communion with people. What this means is that I haven’t really gone out socially. I’ve minimized any kind of workplace fraternization (which, … Continue reading

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The Mechanisms of Intimacy; or “You Don’t Call Me Enough!”

In the new technological age, genuine connections are harder to find, harder to initiate, and harder to maintain and sustain. People are being raised to spend inordinate amounts of time communicating through machinces. None more so than the telephone. The … Continue reading

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