‘The Game’: Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Quick note: The premiere episode was an hour so technically it was episode 1 and episode 2. That is why this one is episode 3.

My brief thoughts on episode 3 after the jump. As always, reviews of previous episodes can be found here.

I really wish The Game's writers would explain even a little bit why Melanie is not practicing medicine. At this point, it doesn't even have to be a huge, or detailed explanation, but damn…tell me something.

It's important because we were told that medical school was so important to Melanie for three seasons. She gave up Johns Hopkins so it's not totally out of character for Melanie to give up something she really cared about to follow Derwin, but the show can't just let Melanie's decision not to practice go constantly unremarked upon. Particularly because the fight with Derwin at the end of tonight's episode was a perfect opportunity for the show to explain why Melanie decided to not practice medicine. It would have been easy for Melanie to say in that moment that she did it for him or something. The show just dances around it even as Melanie insists on referring to herself as "Dr. Melanie Barnett-Davis." Just irritating.

But now what? Is she really just going to be head Sunbeam. It was weird to me that the reconciliation was about how Derwin needs Melanie and not about what role Melanie can actually play that will fulfill her. Clearly, she's bored. Clearly, she needs something else to do. Maybe this episode will set up her decision to actually practice medicine, but I doubt it.

Some other thoughts:

  • I didn't really laugh much at the B story involving Malik running out of money, but I liked that Malik's removal from the team is having real repercussions in his life. And I did kinda like that he would still try to do Tee Tee's party real big even though he couldn't afford it.
  • Tee Tee ballin? Malik broke? It'll be interesting to see how their relationship shifts. 
  • Nice to see Irv again, particularly because that relationship between him and Tasha has been so dramatically and comedically rich in the past.
  • We finally get to see how good Tasha Mack is at her job. We need more of this.
  • Episodes without Coby Bell are pretty laugh-free and Wendy Raquel Robinson's appearances are far too infrequent. This sucks.


What did y'all think of episode 3?

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6 Responses to ‘The Game’: Season 5 Episode 3 Review

  1. Kay says:

    agreed! I’m 100 percent starting to believe that they want to be done with the show and focus on creating another within the drama realm maybe? because all I’ve been getting for the past 2 seasons is doo doo on a platter. So it’s a bit funnier this season.. am I now supposed to jump for joy? This isn’t a meet me half way situation, I didn’t petition for this. I’ll tell you what I did petition for though, I petitioned for the greatness that were seasons 1-3, from the lighting, to the setting, to the filming, the writing, the essence, the perfect combination of relatable drama and fun/funniness and class, that’s what i petitioned for, certainly not this. They mentioned that now they’re on BET they’re better able to spread their wings, I’m beginning to believe that whilst they were confined in some sense they were better able to create greatness. Now like many others I dont even know why i continue to watch it, I suppose I’m doing the same as everyone else…staying in hopes that seasons 1-3 will finally kick in. :\

  2. LaWanda says:

    I don’t know what’s off. the scenes come off as distant and cold. Thrown together and off. I am getting the feeling it’s deliberate. Like maybe this is the last season. Forgive me Tiger, just rambling this week. 🙂 Nothing to say but, this was a bad episode. It had the potential to be better. It would be interesting to explore Malik going broke or Melanie growing bored and restless but I have a feeling it will be thrown on the shelf like it never happened.

  3. SweetTea says:

    I found Episode 3 to be flat. I didn’t like it… as usual I’m always wondering if it’s something wrong with me, ie, if I am missing the point of the show. But, the show now just seems boring and flat and everyone acts out of character, there’s no fun and excitement in the show, there’s no suspense and during the emotional scenes I just feel as though I don’t care. I’m going to continue watching The Game hoping it redeems it’s essence if not well that’s it for me and this show…

  4. Meka says:

    I agree with all said here. I hope this episode was a fluke or the rock they wanted to throw out before moving on to the good stuff…I really hope that’s the case.

  5. TheMrs says:

    I just want to know if they are going to at least bring the football aspect back! Can we see the Sabres? Coaches? Derwin in uniform at least??? The wives in the skybox? I mean the show is called “The Game”. Maybe that will lighten things a bit. Who knows….

  6. ftc says:

    Bottom line, the show is now wack!!! I’m soo disapointed because I used to LOVE the show but let’s all admit it, it’s just not the same since it got on BET. The scrips are horrible. I don’t even crack a smile. Come on, Jason just “realizes” he’s black? Really? They better do something quick, cuz there the show won’t be “saved” again…so sad! Ftc

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