Dawn Richard’s ‘S.M.F.U.’ Is Shockingly Derivative

It is really hard to get excited for a Dawn Richard album – even though I have been a fan for awhile – when she’s basically ripping off Brandy during her Afrodisiac era.

I mean this:



is pretty much this song:



Sure, Dawn Richard and Brandy have similar tones, but the similarities in songwriting and vocal production is disturbing.  I mean does “S.M.F.U.” sample Coldplay’s “Clocks” too?

I have no doubt she can do better than this, but this is not a good look. At all.

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One Response to Dawn Richard’s ‘S.M.F.U.’ Is Shockingly Derivative

  1. lily says:

    We all know Dawn is bitting off Brandy vocal style but she is too ashamed to admit it. Let just make sure Brandy makes #1 album in August!

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