Bei Maejor – ‘Trouble’

This song has grown on me.

I don't like it – mostly because wishing the vocals weren't run through Pro Tools prevents me from thinking much of anything else – but I don't hate it like so much music made by millennial black artists. Which is truly an accomplishment.



I do have to say that as an indication of where Bei Maejor is going as a major-label artist, this isn't a good sign. It's so … conventional. It's so … exactly what millennials like – YAWN –  without expanding what that could mean.

Which is disappointing because Bei Maejor has shown with his career to date as a producer that he's capable of doing so very much more, like:






…or this one:



And even on his own stuff, he found a way to have some fun with adolescent fantasy via Slick Rick-style storytelling on "Barbershop Talk" from his first mixtape:



I understand the commercial considerations of this historical moment. I get that one must go with the flow because record label deals are harder to get than ever.

But unlike so many of his peers, Bei Maejor is actually talented. I just hope the rest of his major label material lets us see that.

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