Innocence Lost

At this point, I'm convinced that Hollywood doesn't actually care about making good movies for children.



Why do the Smurfs have to come into the "real world"?  Why do they have to be voiced by recognizable stars*? And why do they have to make the same crude, slightly sexual jokes (thus predictably and annoyingly turning Smurfette** into nothing but a sexual object) that ruin nearly all children's movies not made by Pixar?

In other words, what was wrong with the original Smurfs premise? 

It seems to me that there is little point in making films about The Chipmunks or Stuart Little or The Smurfs if those films are going to strip out everything that made the original material so great.

I am not sure I buy this notion that kids are more sophisticated than previous generations and thus won't be able to appreciate a simple innocent story about magician with a cat who tries to kill and eat little blue beings who find a million conjugations for the word "smurf" written with them in mind – and only them.

Or maybe I would just like to think that very young children under the age of 7 or 8 deserve such a movie, and Hollywood should stop making all children's movies as if "children" means "12 and 13 year old boys and maybe a few adults will come and not be bored too."


*Katy Perry as Smurfette is just a sin.

**A cool Smurfs movie might actually have been a Smurfette origin story. Hollywood is dumb.

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