Is This Really What the Doctor Ordered?

Dr. Dre fans waited for nearly a decade for Detox and this is what we get?


Let's be clear – this is not a Dr. Dre song. This is Dr. Dre doing someone else's song.  

This is not a love letter to fans who have been waiting for years for the good doctor to return and shake things up.

This is a "fuck you" to all of us who wanted the great Dre back. To anyone who thought he'd actually get behind the boards and push the artform forward yet again.

This cheap trend-jocking piece of pop swill is not even for us. It's for the current record-buying public that doesn't have feelings one way or another about Dr. Dre, but like their hip hop watered all the way down. And they can have it.

There is nothing for a hip-hop head here. Despite the imagery and the lyricism from Eminem, this song falls totally and completely flat. There is no heart. No humanity. No soul. This is emo-rap garbage par excellence sent to make you again confuse cheap sentiment with emotion.

Dr. Dre didn't earn the title of the best hip-hop producer of all time by outsourcing his beats, and by putting out trendy shit that any producer with a computer could make. We don't buy a Dre album for the rhymes, we buy it for the beats. If he's not behind the boards, what's the point? But it seems that this is what Detox will be.

If you wanted confirmation that Dre's head ain't in the game, this song is it. I'm betting he lost interest in Detox somewhere around the time Eminem and 50 made him so much money he never actually has to work again.

He's probably only putting it out so that people stop asking him about it. Does that make this mess our fault for wanting him back so badly? If so, I apologize.

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2 Responses to Is This Really What the Doctor Ordered?

  1. Trey Stone says:

    pretty much nailed it. i was actually kinda surprised to find out that “Kush” isn’t produced by Dre either, don’t particularly like it but it sounds much closer to what you’d expect a Dre beat to sound like.
    it’d be fine if he had good ideas for putting new twists on his sound but yeah, that’s not what this is.

  2. tigger500 says:

    Right. I just think he’s being lazy.

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