New Michael Jackson Album? I’m Conflicted

I read over on my boy GG's blog, Sonic Clash, that a new Michael Jackson album is coming out in December.



Let me just be blunt – I don't want to hear anything he recorded after 1995*.

I mean that. Michael became so consumed with his downfall after his first case that his music after that point lost just about all its greatness (obviously there are exceptions, "Superfly Sister," "Whatever Happens," and "Butterflies" for instance) and redefinined the notion of the self-involved superstar. That new song, "Breaking News" is giving me flashbacks to "Tabloid Junkie," a song I love but have no wish to revisit. 

Do we really want to hear more of Mike's ranting about how we don't love him anymore?


*Given the fact that "Whatever Happens" is his greatest song since the Dangerous era means that any song he recorded with Teddy Riley is likely to be the exception to this rule.

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2 Responses to New Michael Jackson Album? I’m Conflicted

  1. Roheblius says:

    I’m with you man. I don’t like the idea behind Breaking News at all. Just that video teaser showed me all I needed to know. I have hope that there will be gems on it like the songs you mentioned, but I don’t like the media angle. The dude has passed. He’s immensely popular again. It should be an album of rejoice, not finger pointing.

  2. tigger500 says:

    Right. Agreed. It would just be a shame if the Jackson estate beat a dead horse on the whole “why doesn’t the world love me again” meme.

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