Fairy Tales

I adore Amanda Seyfried as much as the next guy, but eh…

…if I wanna see a great adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, nothing beats Reese Witherspoon and Keifer Sutherland in Freeway:


This trailer gives away way too many of the best scenes, but rewatching it I’m struck by how much cooler Reese was when she was a real character actress*.

But that’s neither here nor there. Freeway‘s great because it truly reconceptualizes the danger of being a girl all alone inherent in the original fairy tale in a modern context. And then sort of slyly suggests that not all girls take that danger seriously; some actually respond with anger at the thought of being victimized. The film walks a fine line that few films of its type do.

Seyfried’s version makes me think of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow – pleasant, but unnecessary.

*Nothing more irritating to me than watch great character actors become lame ass movie stars. (see also: DiCaprio, Leonardo; Lopez, Jennifer; Rudd, Paul)

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