Hot Videos VIII

I haven't done this in a minute, but here are a few videos that are just dope.

Chrisette Michele, Epiphany (Live AOL Sessions)

Seriously – this chick is major.  What I like about this performance though is how the band rocks out at the end.  It's a nice twist on the sparse nature of the album version.  Chrisette's vocals are typically flawless. 

Maxwell, Bad Habit

Maxwell is one of the few contemporary artists who approaches video as a true extension of his music. He not only tells the story of the song narratively here, but the cinematography beautifully captures the song's tone. So good to have him back.

Van Hunt "At The End Of A Slow Dance" from FunkJazz Kafé®/Life Arts Films on Vimeo.

This song is from Van Hunt's flawless 2006 sophomore album, On The Jungle Floor (best album title in decades, BTW). I like the editing of what is essentially a performance video. A nice piece to tide us over till Mr. Hunt comes back to show all the competition what a real artist does.

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