Peep Rahsaan and Lalah in the Studio

I’m definitely one of those fans who would like to be a fly in the wall when one of my favorite artists is recording. Like – what would it have been like to have been in the room when Jan, Jam and Lewis came up with That’s The Way Love Goes? And did erebody involved know that Meth and Mary would record a classic when they were in the studio? Could they tell? And I wonder if Jay really never writes anything down and if ‘Pac actually recorded a billion tracks per session. We don’t really know, but part of the fun of listening to your favorite artist’s work is wondering how in the hell they came up with it.

In this video, we get a small peak into Rahsaan Patterson and Lalah Hathaway working on a song called “6 in the Morning.” The banter between them is fun and light, but I’m intrigued by the working dynamic that is hinted at here. Specifically, we see a bit of Rah as producer and get to watch how he guides Lah’s vocal. Vocalists like Rah and Lah are peerless so a peak into the process – even one as small as this – is revelatory.

Dope. Enjoy.

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