Remembering George Tiller

I've read two beautiful pieces today about George Tiller's horrific murder and its implications for our nation's struggle over the issue of abortion.  I have complicated feelings on this heinous act and this issue that I haven't yet worked through, but it seemed wrong not to comment.

Or at least acknowledge that there is some sanity out there.

To wit, E.D. Kain over at the terrific League of Ordinary Gentleman says:

In any case, this is not only a blow against life – and specifically the life of George Tiller, who has been brutally ripped from this world and from the lives of his loved ones – but against the pro-life cause. And not just the specific political cause, either, but against life itself. Against all causes for life – be they anti-war or anti-abortion or anti-death penalty.

My homegirl Sister Toldja gives a beautiful, haunting, eulogy where she struggles with her understandable anger, saying:

While Dr. Tiller was a man, his death is another casualty in the long-standing war of The World vs. Women. There are so many people (male and female) who believe (consciously and subconsciously) that women are somehow inherently incapable of being the makers and shapers of their lives. That left to our own devices, women are susceptible to destroying their existence or living without the appropriate level of morality.

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