Quote of the Day – June 23, 2009

The fellas over at The League of Ordinary Gentleman have been all up and through my blog lately.  I am aware of this and am very okay wit it.  At this point, LOG is my favorite blog to read along with my boy Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Here is Freddie goin hard at how useless the national conversation of race has become

But those who immediately and harshly react to any suggestion of racial impropriety don’t want any discussion at all. And that’s what a really huge amount of our racial dialogue, at present, amounts to, a sustained campaign to whittle down the parameters of appropriate debate, and to cast anyone who alleges racism or something like it out of the bounds of respectability. We don’t live in a post-race society, and we aren’t moving towards one, but we are moving towards a post-race-discussion society. That’s an incredibly dangerous thing.

Precisely.  Hats off to you, Freddie.

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