More on Bill Maher’s Obama Critique

Bill explains what he means:

“If not now, when?”

I think this is the major point that Bill Maher has buried in his critique of Obama.  His comment that even his own audience, which suffered few jokes or critiques of Obama in the past, applauded that critique is instructive.

I think that is saying something.

This is sort of what I wanted to get at yesterday in my post. The Democrats have two out of three branches of government and, mostly, the other team is on the ropes.  Now might be a good time to do what you said you would do when you got elected, Democrats.

I think the challenge for them is figuring out what the hell it is they want to do and then figure out how to bring the entire party along.  The Blue Dogs are Democrats in name only. And despite what the Right will tell you, the rest of the party ain’t all that liberal.  Especially not the leadership.

Of course anyone who watches Bill regularly knows that he knows that the Democrats have no idea what they really want to do, mostly because there is no Democratic ideology (I’m coming to believe this more and more).  So rhetorically, he’s conflating what Obama should/would/could do with what is really the role of Congress.  This works because, as you see, it gets him interviewed on MSNBC.  And there should be criticism of Obama.  But I don’t think it is translating to people demanding what they want from Congress.

Bill has to get that applauding audience of his to transfer that frustration from Obama to Congress.

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2 Responses to More on Bill Maher’s Obama Critique

  1. John Trusky says:

    How can he say that Obama is not pushing his agenda when that is all I have seen? Bill Maher is the farthest left of anyone I have heard speak.

  2. tigger500 says:

    Perhaps he is, but Obama is not and for that reason Bill is frustrated. Obama, as a centrist, frustrates him. That’s what he means. He doesn’t think Obama is going far enough.

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