Chico DeBarge Is BACK….Finally!

Chico DeBarge will release his new album on July 12!!!!


In the late 90s, Chico DeBarge was more or less my favorite black male singer not Rahsaan Patterson. For me, he was D’Angelo without the unnecessary pretention and grandiose self-obsession.

But then he went away to deal with his addictions and personal issues. There isn’t really an artist like Chico DeBarge in the game and having him back to do his thing is truly thrilling, expecially because two songs floating out on the net right now are as good, if not better, than what he released during his late 90s heyday.

First up – Oh No.  It’s my favorite of the two because it reminds me of work on Long Time No See, but tighter and more expressive.  Listen to it on Kedar’s Chico page.

Second – She Loves Me. This has the feeling of stuff on his The Game album (a masterpiece, by the by).


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  1. Nice blog! Question- Is Chico still with Joe? They make a great couple.

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