Hip-Hop Dopeness: Vinnie on Naughty By Nature’s Dirt All By My Lonely

Treach has always been the heart, soul AND fire of Naughty By Nature.  Vin anchored all of this nicely.  On this joint Vin actually steps his game up and spits a lil fire himself.  It's straightforward and dope as shit!

See I'm a one man dynasty; motherfucker
every artist on your label don't equal half of me
Rippin lyrics like they supposed to be, most'll be
plottin dreamin and scheamin to get close to me
Cause I spit shit, rip shit quick, and I'm sick wit
lyrics to mash that ass is what I'm equipped wit
So fine-tune that bullshit, bring your best competitor
I'll be on that ass as if I was a fuckin Predator
Niggaz wanna battle at a show, yeah I'll set it up
I go toe to toe, blow for blow and leave it wetted up
My time to hypnotize you, OK?
Never disrespectin the laws of Nature — Obey Yo' Thirst
Vin Rock'll serve as the quenchin
Here's the last thing I'd like to mention
That when it's time to set it off, trust me son
I ain't the motherfuckin click, I'm the motherfuckin one
I do my dirt all by my lonely..

Sony sucks and won't let you embed the video (watch it here), but peep this live performance of the song.  Drop the needle at 0:54 for this the whole performance. Treach seems a bit bored but Vin brings the requisite fire for his verse.

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