Barack at 20(ish): Photos from Occidental

Barack3 Barack2


These photos of Barack are from an exhibit that is currently running at the M+B Gallery in West Hollywood, California.  They were collected by a former classmate, Lisa Jack, of Obama's at Occidental College.

All the photos are from his freshman year at Occidental.

What's clear is that O's effortless cool was large even then, when he was barely out of his teens.  The photos above are my faves.  I particularly like the one where his face is obscured.  You can view the rest online at Lisa's website.

Also – I see why the anti-smoking folks campaigned so hard to have smoking removed from movies and stuff because Obama looks cool as fuck with the cigarette.  Lil bit o' hood in that photo that I totally dig.

…and I don't even like smoking.

Via The Daily Voice

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