Best of the Rest: Truth Hurts’ Catch-22

Ready Now album cover I chose Catch 22 for a very simple and obvious reason: a singer who tends to be rather harsh shows surprising proficiency with subtlety and vulnerability.

Truth Hurts’ first album was beautiful in its toughness.  Here was a vocalist who wrote songs about how tough she was and matched that with a phrasing that was like a brick.  That’s not to say the songs weren’t emotional and engaging because they truly were, especially songs like Bullshit, Next to Me, and Jimmy.

However, on Catch 22 from her second album, her phrasing has a softness to it.  It’s more fluid, though she doesn’t totally abandon her style.  She just adds a few subtleties to her approach to show the cracks in the armor.  And it works perfectly for the song.

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